What’s New in CU 10 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

What’s New in CU 10 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
This Article describes new or changed functionality, and updates, that were included in AX 2012 R3 cumulative update 10. Most changes were made in the Warehouse management, Transportation management, and Retail areas of Dynamics AX.

Warehouse management enhancements

  1. Improvements to replenishment
    • Wave demand replenishment now recognizes existing min/max replenishment work as supply when evaluating if it should create new replenishment work. Cancelling wave based replenishment work will now unblock sales order work automatically. Demand replenishment will now consider all lines in the replenishment template even with different directive codes in situations where the entire demand quantity is not assigned to a put location. The directive code on work templates with the work order type Replenishment is now editable.
  2.  Improvements when viewing inventory on hand
    • A new field called Available physical on exact dimensions has been added to the On hand by location form. This field shows the available physical quantity for all the dimensions displayed on the screen. There have been performance improvements to the on hand stored procedure to use better query plans and make sure it is only called when necessary. A new clean up job has been added under Inventory management > Periodic > Clean up > Warehouse management on-hand entries cleanup. This job will delete records in the InventSum and WHSInventReserve tables for closed on-hand entries.
  3. Enhanced serial number functionalities
    • Items with a tracking dimension using serial numbers in the sales process can now be used with warehouse management processes. It is now possible to validate sales serials using the mobile device as well as the ability to indicate unreadable serial numbers. You can also enter sales serial numbers using the pack station and for sales order returns. Additionally, you can open the form that shows the recorded serial numbers from the Load lines tab on the Load details form. It is also possible to register serial numbers from the Picking list registration form, which will open the form for capturing sales serial numbers related to the sales line
    • In the manufacturing process, when consuming serialized components, it is now possible to postpone the registration of the serial number until production consumption. This will save time in warehouse processes as the serial will not be needed to be registered during receiving of serialized components.
  4. Improvements to inbound processes
    • The behavior of the mobile device menu item with the work creation process set to License plate receiving has changed. It will now only register the arrival of a purchase order and create put away work. It will leave the created work in an open state. If you want to use the old process, where the put away work was also conducted at that point in time, use a mobile device menu item with work creation process set to License plate receiving and put away. During the process of put away work using the mobile device, we have added several new options for exception handling for the warehouse worker. Three new buttons have been introduced during put away work; Split put, Override LP and Skip. They can be used to split items to multiple locations, consolidate items on a license plate at a location, or skip the current work line and proceed to the next put away line. Additionally, the Cancel button will now be available in all put away screens.
    • During purchase receiving using the mobile device, the unit of measure will be defaulted to the UOM setup on the GTIN number. When using the Delivery schedule form on a purchase order line to split the delivery of a purchase order to different days, the load lines will also be updated. Performance when registering product receipt and querying for a put away location has been improved when using Volumetric and Stocking limits constraints for locations. Now the amount of full locations in the query should not affect performance.
  5. Improvements to outbound processes
    • Over picking using the mobile device has been enabled during sales and transfer order picking work. Over picking will only be possible if there is enough inventory available at the current pick location and if it is not already allocated to other work. To enable over picking, both the work user and the mobile device must be set up to allow over picking.
    • During picking on the mobile device, you can now use the Full button any time during picking to indicate that you cannot pick any more lines. It is now possible to block release to warehouse and creation of work for sales orders that exceeds customers credit limit. Performance of closing of containers during pack operations have been improved by avoiding some client/server calls. Performance when having containerization as part of wave posting been improved and optimized when scaling number of sales lines per order
  6. Improvements to work templates
    • A new section of parameters has been added to the Work template form called Work header maximums. They can be used to split a work header when the sum of work lines exceeds the quantity specified.
  7. Integration to project and Integration to manufacturing

Transportation management enhancements

  1. Create scheduled routes
    • Scheduled routes can now be generated from a route plan, where the segments of the scheduled route correspond to the hub configuration associated with the route plan. A batch job is used to create the scheduled routes depending on date range, particular days of the week and a load template. The scheduled routes can be used with Load building workbench in order to create optimal loads for the routes.
  2. Improvements to auto-release to warehouse process
    • hen using the auto-release to warehouse process it is now possible to consolidate multiple transfer orders based on To warehouse and From warehouse into the same shipment.
  3. Integration to project

Retail enhancements

  1. Global refund tab on the Register form and the “Global refund check” report on the Retail store transactions and Online store transactions forms have been removed.
  2. Variant specific sales price is shown when a product variant is selected during product search or inventory lookup in POS. Previously the product base price was shown.
  3. This enhancement lets user select Infocode groups in open drawer store operation under AX functionality profile
  4. Retail POS SDK now allows for customization of the item types that are allowed for return.
  5. If the primary address on customer is marked as private address, the sales order created for a customer with this private address cannot be picked up at the retail store.
  6. Print Gift Receipts in Modern point of sale (MPOS): Added gift receipt feature at MPOS for:
    • Sales Transactions
    • Show journal, both Gift receipt preview and print
  7. The changes in the hotfix enable look up of another store’s customers using real-time service.
  8. Introduced alternative algorithm for calculating discounts, which is enforced if predefined max number of calculations steps/loops is exceeded. In this case, point of sale will switch to the marginal value algorithm, which does not guarantee the best discount but provides much better performance characteristics. This feature is configurable in Retail Parameters
  9. Enable Extended Login registration in MPOS, This operation provides an interface that you can use to enroll or remove workers in extended logon using peripherals. Supported peripherals include barcode scanners and magnetic strip readers
  10. Retail MPOS installation was not supported on the Windows 10 Long Term Service Branch. With this hotfix we have added this support extending the supported operating systems for MPOS to the following:
    • Windows 8.1 Update 1- Server 2012 R2 Update 1
    • Windows 10- Windows 10 Long Term Service Branch
Reference: https://mbs.microsoft.com/files/public/CS/AX2012R3/WhatsNew_MicrosoftDynamicsAX2012-R3-CU10.pdf

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