PopUp For Delete

Display Warning PopUp dialogue box after clicking on the delete icon.
  • Take one rectangle => fit to with screen
  • Take one label text as (“Are you sure to delete this record?”)Add two button Yes and No
  • select No button and OnSelect event add the FxExpression as UpdateContext({showPopUp:false}),it will create one variable with name showPopUp.
  • select Yes button and OnSelect event add the FxExpression as Remove(‘Crud Operation Entiy’, Gallery1.Selected) ;UpdateContext({showPopUp:false}) ; Back()
  • using Ctrl select the buttons, label and rectangle => go to Home => Group
  • Now go to Delete icon => Select => OnSelect event add FxExpression as UpdateContext({showPopUp:true})
  • Select the Group and paste the variable name show pop up on a visible event of Group
  • After design complete play the application => click on Delete icon.
Reference : http://shaikhd365.blogspot.com/2019/12/implement-warning-popup-for-delete-in.html