Installing the Gantt component and creating a Gantt form

Today we will create us the form containing our Gantt. For that we will create a form Ax and insert an ActiveX control type.

In the form that appears select the NETRONIC VARCHART us XGantt control.

To customize our Gantt we do it from the edit mode.

If at this time receive an error message, as seen in the image, or any likeness, it means that it is not able to find the necessary files for initialization.

They can choose to duplicate an existing Gantt and start deleting customizations and have no problems, or download the component and install it. To download the please contact component to the following URL: Download VARCHART XGANTT ActiveX Edition and find the next option Download:

Then one should follow the steps indicated by the wizard.

If the check mark will be opened a form with which they can try some examples.
When they finish must restart Ax or even restart the AOS. Once you have done if they try to open the form will be shown something similar to the image.
And if they try to customize the Gantt no longer you have any error messages.
Remember to enter customization mode should please click on the Gantt their form and press the Custom Properties button.

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