Edit method in axapta

Requirement:: We need to write the edit method on the places where we need to select the records and pass it to the business logic for further processing. Also, we need edit methods to display the values of the related record from other table when the related table is not a part of the form datasource. The same purpose can be handled using display method as well but edit method allows us to modify the values in the display method. So, we can say that:

Edit Method = Display Method + Editing capability
How to write an Edit Method: We can write an edit method using the code shown below. Before getting in to the code, we must understand the requirement of the below code:
· We have a form which is listing the Project Invoices in a grid
· We need to have a checkbox next to all the records to select/deselect the records
· We want to keep the Record Ids of the selected records in to a container so that we can use it for processing.
· When a record is checked, we must check in the container if the record already exists in the container or not. If it exist, we must return true so that the form show the value as checked.

Else, we can create or delete the entry in the container basis the user action like if user has checked the checkbox, we will make an entry in to the container or if user has unchecked the checkbox, we will delete the entry from the container

edit NoYes MarkSKUs(boolean set,
InventTable Invent,
NoYes _markSKUs)

if (set)
if (MarkMap.exists(Invent.RecId))
_markSKUs = MarkMap.lookup(Invent.RecId);

return _MarkSKUs;