Deleting all objects from a custom layer

Deleting all objects from a custom layer

An entire layer can safely be deleted by removing these two files:


aod stands for “application object data”. This file holds all objects for the layer it is named after. For example, axusr.aod for the usr-layer, axcus.aod for the cus-layer etc.


aoi stands for “application object index”. It tells Axapta where to find each individual object. The file will be rebuild the next time you log on to Axapta.

Note: Deleting these will not delete any labels. Labels are stored in files using this naming convention:


Application label data


application label comments


application label index

If you delete entire layers frequently and are prefer to automate repetitive tasks, you can easily create a batch file to do the job for you.

move /Y “F:\Program Files\Axapta30_SP3\Application\Appl\Standard\axusr.aod” “F:\Program Files\Axapta30_SP3\Application\Appl\Standard\axusr.aod_bak”

move /Y “F:\Program Files\Axapta30_SP3\Application\Appl\Standard\axapd.aoi” “F:\Program Files\Axapta30_SP3\Application\Appl\Standard\axapd.aoi_bak”

This example has the added benefit of moving the file to *_bak instead of deleting it outright. If for some reason I need the old version back I can restore it by simply moving them back to their original names.