DataTable list with Create, Edit and Delete In PowerApps

In this post  one Datatable and displaying a entity record.

Take the three icon for CreateEdit and Delete.
For Edit and Delete operation first select the DataTable record and performing the respective operation.

Design the screen as:
Create one screen name as Home add the Datatable, select the Datasource for Datatable to displaying the records.

1. For Create Record add FxExpression as:
    NewForm(Form1);Navigate(‘Edit Records’)
Edit Records = Screen name,
Form1 = Edit record screen Form name.

2. For Edit create one screen with Edit Form, select the data source for record.
On select of Edit icon for OnSelect event add FxExpression as
    EditForm(Form1);Navigate(‘Edit A Record’, None)
Edit A Record = Screen name

3. For Delete icon just add the FxExpression as:
    OnSelect event = Remove([@’Pwer Apps’], DataTable1.Selected); Notify(“Record Deleted”)
Pwr Apps = entity name.

4. For Referesh icon add a FxExpression as:
    Onselect = Refresh(‘Pwer Apps’)
Pwer Apps = entity name

Select any record from DataTable and click on Edit and Delete icon, it will perform respective operation.