Create primary address through code

The following lines show an example of how you can create a (primary) address for an existing party in the global address book by x ++ code.

The address will only be marked as primary , if no other primary address exists for this party!

static void createPartyAddress(Args _args)
DirPartyTable dirPartyTable = DirPartyTable::findByNum(“‪‪‪100000”);
DirParty dirParty;
DirPartyPostalAddressView dirPartyPostalAddressView;

// Create instance of dirParty
dirParty = DirParty::constructFromCommon(dirPartyTable, DirUtility::getCurrentDateTime(), dirPartyTable.partyType());

// Create primary address
dirPartyPostalAddressView.LocationName = “Office”;
dirPartyPostalAddressView.City = “Vienna”;
dirPartyPostalAddressView.Street = “Kärtnerring”;
dirPartyPostalAddressView.StreetNumber = “18”;
dirPartyPostalAddressView.CountryRegionId = “AUT”;
dirPartyPostalAddressView.IsPrimary = NoYes::Yes;