Datetime to Date in SSRS

This is an visual Studio SSRS report development issue that relates to Dynamics products when developing Reports. On this writing I will refer to Dynamics AX context.

Occasionally after deploying a report with a date data field value from Dynamics Ax I realized that when viewing the report, the field will show a date-time value with the time defaulted to 12:00:00 am as shown below;

Date 1/30/2021 01:00:00 PM

At first i though the issue was from the system, so to check i made my temporary table for the report regular, ran the report and checked the value in the temporary table. I realized the value was in Date format which lead me note that this was an SSRS issue.

So my work-around this issue is to open the report in Visual Studio SSRS designer. Open the expression value of the respective textbox and add format function as shown below;


After making this change and publishing the report, running it will now show the desired value for the field as shown below;