Creating The Number Sequence For The Existing Module

To create a numbersequence for the Existing module.

Suppose in my HRM Module for the Employee Table I have to create the NumberSequence (EmplTable).

I need to follow these steps to create the NumberSequence.

1.Go to the Classes -> NumberseqReference_HRM (Class) -> LoadMethod

2.In the load method you have to override the code , need to added the code to which field we are planning to add the code that it can be copied from the exisitng code and modfiy the EDT which we want to add ( Here My EDT is EmplId)

Let us Assume (Existing Code )
numRef.DataTypeId = typeId2ExtendedTypeId(typeid(HRMApplicationId));

For The Empl Id We have to add the code means

numRef.DataTypeId = typeId2ExtendedTypeId(typeid(EmplId));

3.After completing the above procedure, we have to go to AOT -> Tables ->HRM Parameters -> Need to Override the code in the method

Ex: The Overrided code is

static client server NumberSequenceReference numRefEmplId()
return NumberSeqReference::findReference(typeId2ExtendedTypeId(typeid(EmplId)));

4.After the above step go to the Empl Form -> Form Level Methods u have to write the number sequence formhandler method have to create the code.

Class declaration Code
IN the class declaration we have to write the code

NumberSeqFormHandler numberSeqFormHandler;

Numberseqformhandler Code
In the Numberseqformhandler write the below code

NumberSeqFormHandler numberSeqFormHandler()
if (!numberSeqFormHandler)
numberSeqFormHandler = NumberSeqFormHandler::newForm(HRMParameters::numRefEmplId().NumberSequence,element, EmplTable_ds, fieldnum(EmplTable, EmplId));
return numberSeqFormHandler;

5.Then we have to Override the DataSource Methods ( Create, Write ,Delete).

Write Method Code is

element.numberSeqFormHandler().formMethodDataSourceWrite(); —- After Super

Create Method is

element.numberSeqFormHandler().formMethodDataSourceCreatePre(); - Before Super
element.numberSeqFormHandler().formMethodDataSourceCreate(); — > After Super

Delete Method Code Is

element.numberSeqFormHandler().formMethodDataSourceDelete();—- After Super

6.After completing all the above steps.

7.Go -> HRM Module -> Setup -> Parameters -> Numbersequence

8.We have to add the reference for the EMP ID.