Authentication when publish nuget package to Azure feed

If you  want to use Azure packages feed for storing internal packages of your organization (https://{tenant} you will have to use nuget client as usual and authenticate yourself against Azure packages feed using your Azure AD credentials. However by default nuget.exe doesn’t support Azure authentication: it will ask you to enter username and password inside console Windows which will fail (it will just ask you to enter username and password again and again).

In order to enable Azure AD authentication with nuget client you will need to install authentication provider first. This page contains instructions how to do that: Azure Artifacts Credential Provider. Basically you need to download installcredprovider.ps1 PowerShell script to local machine and run it with “-AddNetfx” param:

installcredprovider.ps1 -AddNetfx

Note that “-AddNetfx” switch param is mandatory in most cases – otherwise credentials providers will be added only to .Net core and won’t work in regular Windows console client or PowerShell window.

After it will be done when you will run command to publish nuget package to Azure:

nuget push -Source “MySource” -ApiKey az PackageName.nupkg

it should show standard authentication popup window where you will be able to enter your Azure AD credentials. And after that publish to Azure nuget packages should succeed (of course if you have permission to push packages to this feed).