Create Azure Connector for Lifecycle Services

 how to set up the Azure connection required for Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations Deploy through Lifecycle Services. First of all, we open our project from Lifecycle Services. Under Environments, we click on Microsoft Azure settings.

Your Azure Connectors will appear on the Azure connectors tab, if available. It appears on the list because I have a connection for this environment. After completing these steps, when we look, here again, the connection must be established. We can start adding a new link by clicking the + Add button.


In the window that opens, Name will be the name we provide for the link. Azure subscription ID we want to establish a connection to the section Azure, you must enter the code for the membership. Tenant Domain information will come automatically. You should mark Azure Resource Manager (ARM) as
Yes. We go to the next page with Next.


You should have given the Dynamics Deployment Services authorization I mentioned in my previous article before this step. If you have, you will see the screen below. We go to the next page with Next.


Before continuing, we need to download the Management certificate and install it on the Microsoft Azure Portal. You can leave this page open.


We login to the Azure portal and select the membership you want to connect with.


We click on the Management Certificates section and click the Upload button in the window that opens.


We select and upload the certificate we downloaded.


When you see this screen, the installation process is completed.


We can return to the screen we stayed in Lifecycle Services and continue with the Next button. After this stage, we can continue without errors.


We usually choose West Europe in the Azure region.


After clicking the Connect button, you should see an item in your Azure Connection list as follows. At this stage, the connection has been completed.


In this article, I tried to explain how to set up an Azure connection via Lifecycle ServicesSince Dynamics 365 is a structure that runs on Azure, it is necessary to have information about many Azure subjects.