Convert private Workspace to public in Azure DevOps

Sometime we do not have permission to access private workspace in Azure DevOps to make it accessible follow below steps :

  1. Global Administrator permissions –Member of the “Project Collection Administrators” permissions group in Azure DevOps Project which is linked with workspace.
  2. Open up Developer Command Prompt for VS 2019.
  3.  Identify the workspace name and owner:
    tf workspaces /owner:* /computer:* /collection:https://<site.url>/defaultcollection
  4.  Change Permission to Public:
    tf workspace /collection:https://<site.url>        AzureBIDEV01_01;https://<site.url>\<username> /permission:Public  

Configure your Lifecycle Services project to connect to Azure DevOps

  1. Navigate to LCS project, go to the Project settings tile, select Visual Studio Team Services à click –Setup Visual Studio Team Services button.

Note: if you have already configured LCS to connect to your Azure DevOps project, you can skip this section.

  1. Enter the root URL for your Azure DevOps account and the access token created earlier, and then click Continue.


  1. Select VSTS service project within your Azure DevOps account that you want to connect to, and click Continue.
  2. On the Review and save page, click Save.